Ladi Terry 2018 Presenter at Mindcamp Southwest March 1-4 in Oracle, AZ

  • Ladi is the founder and President of Success Work! & Founder /Executive Director of Creative Indiana.
  • NEW FRONTIERS REPLAYED We live in chaotic and uncertain times. Creative thinking may very well hold the key to our quality of life. In this unsettled time, people often set out toward the frontier of their hopes and dreams, leaving their present behind. People opt out of careers, change jobs and even redefine themselves to reach their desired frontiers of mind and spirit.
  • Ladi co-presented with longtime colleague Jeff Olma. In our session, we blended the best of mindfulness with intentional creative thinking.
  • In the beginning of this quest, participants met their inner sensor: their own mind’s self-critic that blocks their creative urges. Participants found the secret to always staying in the saddle, whatever life kicks up at them including finding the paths to self-discovery that serve as a life map to the future they want! At journey’s end, participants had: • Depicted their inner sensor • Envisioned their creative self • Used creative thinking tools to arrive at their true hearts destination.