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How many times have you been involved in a group problem solving session that just didn’t measure up to your expectations?  The reality is that many well meaning facilitators rely solely on “Brainstorming” to get the desired results.

While Brainstorming is a highly effective tool for idea generation, the results can be disheartening if not used in the right situation and facilitated correctly.   The good news is a variety of Success tools exist that help you clarify your challenge, come up with innovative ideas and insure successful results.

Consider the following ways you might use these tools:

Have you ever spent months working on a challenge, implemented a solution that didn’t work and discovered in the end that you were working on the wrong problem all along.  It happens all of the time because groups jump to generating ideas and implementing solutions without fully understanding their challenge.  Specific Success tools help individual’s use diagnostic and strategic thinking to fully clarify the challenge.

There is a saying “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there”.  In the problem solving process you also need tools that will help you use visionary thinking so you know where it is you want to go.  Other tools help you generate better ideas and still others to evaluate your possibilities.  Too often groups generate a few ideas and thru consensus choose the most popular idea but that doesn’t mean it is the best to get the desire results.

Even when the best idea is chosen, it doesn’t guarantee success.  Would any of us buy a boat without a place to store it or use it or a way to pay for it?  Wouldn’t we make sure we knew how to drive it or at least how to swim?  We readily come up with ideas and implement them without even testing or tactically thinking about what might be a barrier.  We don’t consider who could help or hinder our efforts.

There is a 55 year old field of creativity that has researched and proven that we are all creative and that individuals can develop their creative abilities.  Trained professionals like me are available to train your team in these Success Tools! Check out my website for more information on how you can develop and leverage your own creativity and gain new insights, on possible solutions and new ways to insure your success!

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