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CAN YOU WAIT TO INNOVATE? Want to get organizational growth spiraling upwards in this current economy?  The answer is simple and the cost is nominal.  According to From Workplace to Playspace by Pamela Meyer,published by Jossey-Bass, there is a 52% gap in operating income between high engagement and low engagement organizations.  So, quite simply, getting your workforce fully engaged in the  organization results in increased net income, better job satisfaction, improved morale and less turnover.  Teams trained in the skills of  Engagement and innovative thinking pay for themselves!

So what does a high engagement organization look like?  First the employees actually enjoy coming to work and are fully engaged in their job.  The culture is vibrant and workers thrive in this open atmosphere where they think creatively, question old assumptions and immediately respond to the unexpected. The impetus for coming to work each day is commitment and not simple compliance. Not sounding like your organization?  Keep reading…

Pamela Meyer rightly admonishes “The idea that strategies that engage the whole person are soft, while those that target operational aspects of organizational life are worthwhile, overlooks the very core of organizational success…the living, breathing people who must fulfill its mission each day.”   Go to www.successworkonline.com for more information.

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