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What purpose does it serve anyone to throw away talent?  Yet it happens on a regular basis and it is one of the biggest reasons for loss of prosperity within organizations.  According to an article in Today’s Small Business News, “Getting the Edge in the New People Economy,”

 “Yet, far too many executives today continue to regard HR as a non-strategic cost and to under-invest in hiring and employee development solutions. Why would astute executives take this position? It is my contention that organizations have long had a difficult time connecting human performance costs with their root cause. Underperformance, and its associated costs, results in large part from having the wrong people in jobs. Until the person-job match connection is made, organizations will continue to under-fund proactive investments to ensure that the right people are filling jobs in their organizations, and to over-fund reactive investments in dealing with employee performance problems.” (www.shl.com/edge)

My experience has been that this skill mismatch is not exclusive to subordinates but also includes top executives who in their climb to fulfill career aspirations, find themselves faced with a choice: a) do the things you love and are good at and stay where you are or b) move up in the chain of command taking on that which you do not love, and stay in a constant state of dread that someone might find you incompetent.

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