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One curious phenomenon is that individual departments or areas that excel and drive success beyond the ranking of above average to the level of cutting edge status become endangered.  It almost seems as though once such success is achieved, it is taken for granted.  One would wonder how a big organization might cut funding or reduce staff for such a successful operation.  But the reality is that it happens.  What leaders must understand are the consequences of these actions and the human and financial costs that will eventually negatively impact the health of the organization.

 I recently visited an organization I worked with in the past and spoke with members of the original team about what once was a cutting edge operation recognized by clients, stakeholders and regionally by our profession.  As a full participating member of the state professional association they held leadership roles and served as host to state conferences.  They were highly regarded for their professionalism, quality training and well attended events.  Sadly, today the newly created department that now stands in its place is but a shadow of its past services, professionalism and successes. Rather than building on what had already existed, a whole new vision was created that eliminated the very services that stakeholders depended upon for their success.

How did this happen?   Leadership didn’t understand that the very people they employ create the success.  Leadership can only claim part of that ‘glory’ and only if those under their supervision are encouraged to reach their full potential and drive this success. (www.successworkonline.com)

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