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As I read about layoffs at a local company, I could not help but wonder.  The company blamed government for doubling unemployment tax rates without engaging with businesses and corporations?  What is wrong with that situation?  You don’t change systems without involving the very individuals or in this case, businesses it will impact.  In the same vein, when financial crisis strikes why are layoffs or increased taxes the only option?  Why not go directly to the experts who do the work, run the machines, manage the departments or run the companies to identify innovative changes that will improve quality or reduce costs?

Business success depends on a highly engaged, committed, vibrant, trained workforce that feels appreciated and significant. The truth is disengaging workers leads to low morale, reduced productivity, lack of motivation and commitment to the organization, and leads to fewer profits, not more.

A Tower Perrin study shows there is a 53% gap in operating income between the two. Highly engaged organizations enjoy a 13% growth in net income and 27.8% growth in earnings per share vs. a 3.4% decline in low engagement organizations. (Patrick Kulesa)

Obvious to me in these instances is that a game plan was cast in stone without input from all of the stakeholders.  This is a perfect example of the polarized thinking rampant today where important perspectives are not invited to the decision making table.


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