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With the election process in full swing, I ask myself what gets people committed to one party or one candidate or even one ideology? Elections really bring democracy to life as we all are called to cast our ballot in November.  But what is it about this process that makes us feel committed? And what is lacking when certain segments of the population are disengaged?

I was recently at a political headquarters where I got my answer.  As I was leaving, I met up with several people I did not know and yet there was a connection because something drew us to the same campaign headquarters and so we began to dialog.  Soon we found that we had other connections as well and agreed to meet up later to discuss possible collaborations.  Why we got to that place at all was that we were dialoging about the candidates and the issues so it took us deeper in conversation than most networking opportunities.  As I left I felt compelled to return as a volunteer though I have been reluctant to do so due to other committments. 

The key elements at play were common issues and goals,  ideologies, deep dialog, open environment, inclusiveness, urgency, equality, varied level of tasks and individual purpose and passions.  In elections or political or grassroots movements these are the elements that draw people in and keep them there and get them performing at their best.   Likewise, if these elemnta are not in play, people become disengaged and all of that potential talent, energy and creativity are lost.

These same elements work within organizations to build committment, reduce turnover, increase morale, improve performance.  and increase profits.  The workshop “Building Commitment Leads To Profitability and Success”, part of the “Embrace Possibility, Ignite Creativity” series at Ivy Tech,  shows leaders how to replicate in the workplace the kind of “engagement” that democracy is built onVisit http://www.ivytech.edu/bloomington/corporate-college/index.html for more information.  RSVP – Katrina Jones at. 812.330.6044 or katjones@ivytech.edu.


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