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 As a business woman I have always found that if you show a genuine interest and engage with your client, customer, stakeholders or whatever population you serve, you create a foundation of trust which leads to loyalty and commitment to what you have to offer. In my book, “Celebrate the Messengers, Don’t Shoot Them” I have 30 messenger stories from individuals who have been stifled or ignited in the workplace. One individual who was a car salesman shared a story about how his creativity had been stifled. His approach was very personal and very focused on his customer’s needs. His product knowledge was a key factor in getting customers excited. He reports that in a past job situation he had to read from a script and turn his leads over to a manager to close the deal, disengaging him from the customer. His sales took a nose dive. As soon as he took a sales position with a dealership that saw his approach as an asset, sales soared to the top of the charts. You see his style, knowledge and ability to effectively engage his customers were the key to his success. Effective engagement competencies are skills anyone can master. Visit my website for more information http://www.successworkonline.com/trainings/

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