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I just read a blog entry from Jeb Banner titled “The Workplace is a Modern Prison System“, which rings true in my own personal experiences and also with 30 individuals I feature in my book Celebrate the Messengers…Don’t Shoot Them ©.

Often it is not a matter of walking away and saying good riddance.  The oppression that individuals who are hard workers face can be more than daunting. It can be devastating, to the point that all the joy of the job is sucked out of the person so they don’t even have the energy to move forward with their lives. much less their careers.

Often the situation doesn’t afford them the opportunity to just quit.  If you are a single Mom and must bear the full responsibility of the family on your own, your choices are limited.  And if you take pride in what you do, you don’t want to be a slacker or let down the people that depend on you.  So in that regard I believe you are right Jeb. You are like a prisoner waiting to be let out for good behavior but the doors just aren’t opening!

What you are really speaking to is the stifling of creativity and alternative perspectives and insights that successful companies need to thrive.  So you are right that these companies will ultimately pay the price.  In fact a new poll by “Right” Management shows that as much as 86% of the workforce is looking for a new job!  That is quite a statement about the lack of engagement in the work place..  “From Workplace to Playspace©, Pamela Meyer, shows the direct connection between employee engagement and committment and committment and profitability. She quotes a study that found highly engaged organizations enjoy a 13% higher operating income than low engagement companies.  So employers who disengage their workforce, their greatest asset, are shooting themselves in the foot.

The focus of my own work is building engagement in the workplace by creating the environment that encourages it, introducing a creative process and tools that fuel it and preparing the workforce to use their talents to reach their full potential using the Power Of Engagement Model featured in my book.

Nothing will change until employers feel the impact of their flawed systems in their pocket…and they will when the economy begins to get more robust.  Then they will be looking for ways to retain their best and brightest employees.  Smart organizations will begin that process now! http://bit.ly/U7364z

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