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This year’s Makevention was an extraordinary day of curiosity, creativity, and never-ending possibilities. From presenters and makers, to visitors and supporters, everyone seemed to have a wide-eyed wonder covering their faces in the best way possible. Perched near the Robotic Drawing Collective and Soapy Soap Company, Creative Indiana was a nice stop for folks looking for a chat. We talked and talked all day about a subject that was the very core of all the magic surrounding this maker’s haven: creativity. How did the Robotic Drawing Collective develop such a unique tool for art? By thinking of new, artistic uses for a discarded printer. How about the dome made of discarded bicycle wheels created throughout the day by Trained Eye Arts? Making something new often comes from thinking beyond the primary use of an object. It’s about using what you have to fulfill a need. Conversations like this one sprouted all day as folks brought open minds and curiosity to Bloomington’s maker celebration.  Being surrounded by the results of creative process was extremely inspiring, especially considering that almost every maker was from right here in Bloomington, Indiana. We have a town full of people who are creating, making, and inspiring new ideas, products, and opportunities. Makevention is just one way of recognizing and celebrating these brilliant minds, and Creative Indiana was very proud to be included.


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