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The early history of man speaks to the now proven fact that all humans are creative.  It is how early man survived and thrived and it was the survival of the fittest.  Now our survival depends on our ability to intentionally use our creativity.  It was not until the 1950’s that research began to answer questions on: how we are each creative, how can we build our creative thinking skills and what processes work best and when.

Research now shows that professional and personal success depends on the skill level of individuals to:  define the real issue/problems, create a new vision and the steps needed to get there, generate unique and useful ideas, identify criteria for choosing the best ideas and put in place the integral steps needed to successfully achieve their goal.

With modern man, the most pressing issues at work or home are:

  • Keeping a flexible and healthy mindset that equips you to meet all challenges successfully.
  • Mastering an intentional creative thinking process to use as a problem solving map
  • Understanding and developing your own creative thinking talents and preferences
  • Staying energized and focused during stressful times, fully engaged in the team process.

How well the workforce can perform in these key areas directly relates to the overall health and wellness of the organization and the person.  Stress is directly related to many physical ailments and diseases so wise organizations invest in preparing their employees to effectively deal with the constantly changing marketplace.

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