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Last month Sandy Keller of  My Sister’s Closet participated in IDEAS Network as an Event Partner.  Sandy was offered this opportunity  because her business, Absolute Marketing, was one of the original Partners with Creative Indiana.  Sandy founded  My Sister’s Closet, a non-profit dedicated to providing free work force attire and Success Institute training to low-income and at-risk women pursuing employment.  It just happened that Sandy was working on a fundraiser and was having difficulty coming up with just the right name.  We wanted to see how we might help Sandy with this challenge which we saved for the IDEA storming porting of the evening.

First we wanted to make sure all of our guest were able to meet and deeply connect with others who attended so we began the evening selecting 2 pictures, one a metaphor for a need and the other a metaphor for a resource.  We did a group share depicting on a chart all the ways that our needs and resources were connected and the graphic shows clearly that there was substantial synergy to be tapped even within this moderate sized group.

Collaboration chartDecember 2013 100

Finally we focused on Sandy’s event name challenge, first asking Sandy to tell us all of the details and purpose of this fundraising event. Next we started idea storming possible words that depicted the event’s purpose until we had a large enough group.  Our IDEA-storming session brought Sandy a list of concise ideas for a specific and time-sensitive challenge. to identify eight words she wanted to keep and those eventually transformed into the following name “Time To Exhale” For more details see MySistersCloset_Pizza Flyer_2013.

The activities were fun and engaging and all attendees were able to get involved in the process and provide direct feedback and support! Here’s what Sandy had to say about the experience:

“We were met with wonderful community participants who helped us come up with ideas to name our next event! If your group or business is looking for a fun, imaginative, and engaging way to work out a problem or find a solution, I would highly recommend working with Ladi Terry of Creative Indiana and Success Work. A very nice resource for networking and problem-solving solutions in the community.” – Sandy Keller, My Sister’s Closet

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