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IDEAS Network held their December 10, 2013 event at The Venue Fine Art & Gifts.  This was a new way to celebrate the holidays.  A group of four artists were invited to present on the creative thinking techniques they use when creating new works. Ladi Terry facilitated and encouraged each artist to expand the conversation by providing more details and she helped make connections, in particular as to how these same techniques could be used in solving everyday problems. It was an integrated dialog combining creative thinking and problem solving techniques that not only appealed to budding artist but also to anyone facing challenges.

Artists and guests found themselves inspired by each other’s experiences and discovered that the similarities in techniques were surprising, especially when they were being used to solve completely different artistic challenges. On occasion similar techniques were described with different names and words, but the connection was obvious. Artist Presenters included:  Reza Pishgahi – metal sculptor & painter, Amy Greely – jeweler, Mark Blaney – painter & sculptor and Joanne Shank – painter –multiple approaches. As always, The Venue was the perfect location to hold this dynamic dialog.

Some of the big highlights for problem solving solutions included: stepping away from a challenge to see what solutions arrived naturally when returning to the task at hand; using the limitations presented (materials, demand, unplanned occurrences) as advantages in developing different and more unique ideas; getting out of you own comfort zone and allowing yourself to be seduced by creative flow or passion to just let the process of creating take you to new and unexpected places.

Presenters went from teaching to sharing and relating in minutes, participants found relevant ways to apply these techniques and all left with their creativity lights flashing overhead. It was a successful evening, leaving participants with a lot to think about and some new tools and perspectives to consider in their own day to day problem solving process or when endeavoring to create something unique.


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