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Why you should attend next Innovation Lunch & Learn   January 28th, 2014

Summary of December 17, 2013 Lunch & learn:  Guest Speaker: Jeff Nelsen – Fearless Performance

Creative Indiana  spent much of 2013 shining a light on creativity and innovation in Bloomington, so you can imagine our excitement to find yet another innovation-minded organization. Coltrain Group, LLC is an organization that plans event and training opportunities to help local businesses with strategic planning, collaboration, and communication with the goal of improving company culture and innovation. Last month, Coltrain Group along with Leadership Bloomington, hosted a ‘Lunch & Learn’ event at the public library with guest speaker, professor, hornist, and magician Jeff Nelsen. His interactive talk “Fearless Performance” left nearly every attendee feeling inspired and ready to tackle challenges with a new set of tools and perspectives.

One of the first key lessons from “Fearless Performance” was the title itself. Often we think of a ‘performance’ as a unique, one-time occasion, usually on a stage such as a recital, speech, theatrical event of some sort. Nelsen quickly broke down the term to its basic form: a performance is any opportunity when what you are doing matters. This means we don’t need an instrument, song, or speech in hand to perform; we are performing even when we are teaching, meeting someone or talking to friends, strangers or potential employers.  Considering the many chances we have to perform, we may want to pay closer attention to how we conduct ourselves and prepare for those moments. This leads to the next key lesson; preparation.

With the motto “you can’t control perception, you can only control performance”, Nelsen led a discussion about how in performance, everything you’ve done to prepare has built you up for the performance. He encouraged us that the moment we start to perform is the  time to just let go saying there is no point in being afraid of what other people might see, because you are not in control of them. You are in control of your performance. From the moment you step into the room or onto the stage, the performance has begun. Your preparation is a huge factor in the degree of control you hold. This control includes the final key point: We CHOOSE to fear in performance.

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