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How often do you get a creative urge to express yourself in some way that you intend to carry out, but then get distracted by some other task that you need to get done?  It is so easy to put aside our creative needs because we see them as luxuries…”when I have time to relax I will do that but I’m too busy right now”.   I know because I almost just did the same thing and postponed writing this message.  Writing is always a creative outlet for me.  So what is your creative outlet and when is the last time you allowed yourself to get renewed?

What got me excited this morning about writing this message is that I was experiencing it first hand and the revelation came to me.  When I push myself beyond my limits with work that may or may not be a creative energizer for me, I feel exhausted, a little irritable and definitely out of creative energy.  I begin to look at the things I love to do in my work as “have to’s” instead of “want to’s” and that is not a healthy place to be.  Yes even those things we love to do that generally energize us can actually drain us if we push ourselves too hard without a real mental or physical break.

Think of your creativity as your favorite pet.  You would never consider starving it for days at a time would you?  Your pet would probably get vocal about the fact that you did not feed it and maybe even a little mean.  I bet it might even do some irritating things like chewing up slippers or worse.  Do you ever get that way because I certainly do although I don’t usually chew on my slippers!

We take our creativity for granted on a regular basis. But creativity is our essential life skill. The revelation I had this morning is that my creativity barks at me to feed it on a regular basis.  When it is really starving it barks the loudest and I usually end up on my back with some illness.  But when I take a break and exercise or go shopping or take a day off, it rewards me with renewed creative energy to work on the things I love and better tolerate those things I don’t love so much!

So the morale of the story is feed your dog and your creativity.  Otherwise you never know what might come back to bite you!

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