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Understanding and identifying our creative thinking preferences is vital to success. Once we uncover our thinking preferences, we have a clearer guide to the types of thinking we are best at and where we can shine.  But the kinds of thinking we don’t use, is often even more vital in helping us to reduce conflict, build engagement and break the barriers to collaboration.

Foursight is a breakthrough thinking profile which helps us leverage our thinking preferences and recognize those we underuse.  With over 10 years of research and testing behind it, it helps individuals understand what type of thinking they are naturally drawn to and which types they underuse.  The truth is we are not all drawn to the same type of problem solving.

Training in the creative problem solving process: engages us in exercises that identify problems/opportunities, offers solutions/ideas to address these challenges, uses tools that help us select the best idea and others that lead us to a successful launch of this new idea.  Participants try out tools that help them build needed breakthrough thinking skills throughout the process.

The good news is we can build the skills we need, learn how to connect with the “thinkers we need” to help us and use breakthrough thinking tools that get us to the new perspectives we just can’t easily get to on our own.


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