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WHY ATTEND: Too often the life we planned for ourselves takes a detour down paths we never imagined. Lost jobs, poor health, a bad decision or family crisis are barriers that keep us from our aspirations.

WHAT WORKS: Creativity thinking offers diverse problem solving skills that lead us to the answers we need. It is our most crucial survival skill and is one of our greatest gifts from God. We all get this spiritual gift… no one is left out.

HOW? Trade feeling stuck, stifled or discouraged for finding your creative      potential and a way to navigate yourself to the life God yearns for you!

Please register yourself or refer those you feel might benefit from this type of  support.  The next free introductory workshop will be in March 2017.  (registration requested for planning)

LOCATION: Trinity Episcopal Church (Ararat Room)

TO REGISTER Contact: Ladi Terry at 812-219-4493 or ladi@successworkonline.com.

Additional introductory sessions and follow-up sessions will be scheduled based on demand and participant availability.


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