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I just recently came across a very intriguing article by Stephen Key entitled “The Secret to Coming up With New Ideas” from entrepreneur.com. The title comes from a quote in the article. In the piece Key encourages individuals to flex their creative muscles in a daily routine. The idea is that if you feel like you cannot do it, it becomes more imperative that you do. Creating new ideas routinely can allow one to eventually be able to generate ideas at will. Key suggests coming up with ten or so ideas in the morning and collecting them in a notebook or tablet. Let the ideas be fantastical, improbable, or even impossible. The ideas may never be seen, but the discipline in sitting and thinking of them can have wonderful benefits for creativity.

It is stated in the article that inherently as humans we are scared of, and try to avoid bad ideas. This fear of bad ideas can deter us from ever submitting any ideas. The best way to overcome this is to simply generate “bad” ideas. Let your brain know that it is okay to create, it is okay to generate. The sheer act of coming up with ideas is beneficial in being able to eventually find an idea that is helpful for the given situation.

“Don’t expect your ideas to be perfect; perfectionism is your enemy.” This quote from the article means a lot to me. So many times I have silenced my creativity due to the fact that I was seeking perfection. I had this unnecessary need for my creations and ideas to be pristine. This pressure is perhaps my worst enemy. Regardless of whether the idea is perfect or not, it is important to consider  it and generate as many ideas as possible before you begin selecting the best ideas. Creative Action Coach, Ladi Terry, shared that once you identify several great ideas that is the time to focus on the positives and any obstacles to overcome. There is benefit in creation, even imperfect creation because it leads us to generate the best of the best ideas.

Key’s article ironically has opened a door for me as a writer. I want to take his suggestions of generating ten or so ideas each morning. His article is a good representation of the outcome of this, and how his daily practice benefitted his creativity and work; I’m eager to see what it can do for me. I may not generate the next Shakespearean classic, but if I do not generate at all I definitely will not. If you are reading this, I implore you to try it out for a week or so. Listen to Key, play, have fun, do not feel pressure to be perfect. Key says it takes courage to come up with new ideas and to not wait, the time is now, let us be courageous together.

Stephen Key’s Article: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/287332

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