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I am often asked this question.  It is kind of like the question “Can you teach driving?”  Most of us have the innate abilities to drive a car but that doesn’t mean we can do so skillfully or safely.  If left to our own devices, we would eventually learn how to drive.  Yet there is no guarantee of the level of our driving ability and it takes a lot longer.  Most of us need some help to learn about safe driving habits and skillful driving in dangerous conditions like ice and heavy rain. High performance drivers that professionally race cars have trainers and coaches to make sure that they reach their full potential and win in this highly competitive sport.

The same goes with creativity.  We are all born creative with innate abilities to use our ingenuity to create, solve problems and find opportunities.   But that doesn’t mean we automatically know how to use our creativity to reach our full potential.  Just as driving requires a certain skill set and knowledge, developing our innate creative talents requires an understanding of what creativity is, the ways we are creative and what types of thinking we bring to the problem solving table.  And if we want to be high performance creatives, we also need coaches and teachers that show us how to develop and leverage our creativity.

Whether we are creative in the arts, sciences, business, education or everyday life, creativity is our essential life skill that sustains us and takes us to our cutting edge. In all cases practice, hard work and perseverance are critical to success.   So yes, you can teach creativity!

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