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Innovation is the Key to Business Success

  Creative Thinking is the Driver    

 Creative Thinking & Process Can Be Taught

 On February 5, 2014 The New York Times published an article all about creativity as “the ability to spot problems and devise smart solutions … a prized and teachable skill”. Have a read yourself: “Learning to Think Outside the Box – Creativity Becomes an Academic Discipline“.

Some great takeaway quotes from this report:

 The reality is that to survive the fast-changing world… you need ‘process skills,’  strategies to re-frame challenges, extrapolate and transform information and accept and deal with ambiguity” Gerard J. Puccio, Chairman of the International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State College.

Creativity is a practical skill that can be learned and applied” Roger Firestien, a Buffalo State professor and author of several books on creativity.



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