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Ladi & Jeaane Sheets

On March 2, 2017 I attended Creative Indiana’s event “Breaking Down Barriers”.

The night’s activity began with participants being placed in groups and were instructed to write on an index card one thing we did well and on the other side, a barrier we faced. Once this task was completed, we then shared what we had written with our tablemates. I heard many barriers, including being unorganized, overworked, and being uncomfortable in front of a crowd.

The group setting was organic, cohesive, and the individuals were very courteous and responsive in hearing each other’s successes and barriers.  These are the kinds of opportunities that arise through Creative Indiana’s monthly networking events.

The second guest speaker was Jeanne Scheets, Director of Marketing and Outreach for The ARC of Indiana’s Erskine Green Training Institute, one of the 2016 Indiana Innovation Award winners. The training center is extremely comprehensive, and offers students a place to live, work and play. Participants in the program have the opportunity to learn the aspects of the hotel industry.  It gives people a chance where there was no opportunity before. The Erskine Green Training Institute is an innovative wonder.

Creative Indiana puts on varied and wonderful programs the first Thursday of each month. After attending the event, I am imbued with new creative and innovation skills that are actively bettering my life.

This experience was specifically beneficial for me as I head towards graduating college and it seemed similarly beneficial for the people who were in my group

I thank Creative Indiana for this opportunity to learn more about what holds me back as well as the chance to network with members of the community that moves me forward.


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