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A Jelly Bean a Day Keeps the “Rut” Away

Tuesday, July 25th,  5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Bloomington Country Club 3000 S Rogers St. Bloomington,  IN 47403


Creative Indiana Board members Andrew Lambert and David Quick will show you that creativity helps us avoid falling into “the rut” altogether!

Participants benefit from the expertise of both business owners by walking through a two-part mini-series:

Participants follow Dave (armed with a famous “rut buster” jelly bean video) through scenarios that show how and why our challenges can be overcome through different “outcome actions”.

Andrew will get you in on the action by literally spinning the wheel of chance when he introduces “Bean Boozled.” This fast paced game allows participants to see the value in quick decisions, figuring out what to do when a “bad taste” is left in their mouth.

How to get that chance to spin again in the game of life is what it is all about!

Light refreshments provided; Bar menu and beverages available for purchase.

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