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New Frontiers Replayed

Retrace. Remap. Explore

Rewind and replay all the way into your future.

We live in chaotic and uncertain times. Creative thinking may very well hold the key to our quality of life.

In this unsettled time, people often set out toward the frontier of their hopes and dreams, leaving their present behind. People opt out of careers, change jobs and even redefine themselves to reach their desired frontiers of mind and spirit.

In our session, we blend the best of mindfulness with intentional creative thinking. Come saddle up for the future, pack up some prospecting tools, meet your present day self and gallop toward the frontier of your life’s hope and potential.

In the beginning of this quest, meet your inner sensor: your own mind’s self-critic that blocks your creative urges. Next, hop into the saddle and ride until you strike gold!

Find the secret to always staying in the saddle, whatever life kicks up at you! Find the paths to self-discovery that serve as a life map to the future you want!

At journey’s end, participants will have:

  • Depicted their inner sensor
  • Envisioned their creative self
  • Used creative thinking tools to arrive at their true hearts destination.

Join us and be an inspired homesteader on the way to your stake in the wild creative west!

Learning Objectives

#1: Know yourself better.

#2: Understand root causes of your challenges.

#3: Gain skills to read your own sign posts for success.

Participants will spend most of their time: Practicing a skill or using a tool or technique of some kind.

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