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Necessity is the mother of invention…words I live by each day because that is what drove me to become an expert in the field of creativity, now 63 years old. But I am also an Entrepreneurial Thinker/Innovator  because I take risks which help me break down barriers to find better solutions.

I always knew I was creative but I just did not understand how I was creative and how I might be getting in my own way.  You see, I was always a bit different in my approach, looking for the most unique and never before tried ideas. Does that sound like you?  Read on!

So when I found myself at a dead-end in a job I had loved before being reassigned, I had to find a way out and Creative Problem Solving (CPS) training nailed it for me.

Before my training in 1988, I thought I just didn’t fit within the norm but after my training I realized that my job as a Creative was to challenge that status quo.

What are you finding as you flex your own creative muscle?  Are you readily received or do you get pushback for unrealistic ideas?

My vision was to become the best leader I could be creating a space for the play of ideas. The actualization of that dream was a game changer.  Yes, leaders can be Entrepreneurial Thinkers when at their best, which you can witness in the most successful companies that are using both an effective problem solving process (CPS and Engagement model(POEM)!

My life’s work has been to teach and facilitate creative thinking and the Creative Problem Solving (CPS) process wherever I have an audience.

I help individuals to find their own creative paths to self fulfillment and organizations to fully engage, embrace diversity of thinking and create spaces for the play of ideas. 

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