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In today’s highly competitive market, innovation is the key to success and long-term prosperity. As recently as the 1950’s psychologists had little understanding of the creative aspects of the human mind. The thinking of the day was that either you were born with it or not…it was just a matter of luck.  

A lot has changed over the past 63 years.  We now know that creative thinking is a skill that can be developed and strengthened and we now have multiple processes and tools that can make that happen.  As an Innovation consulting firm, Success Work shows individuals and organizations how to use the original no fail Creative Problem Solving process (CPS) to lead them to efffective problem solving, creativity and innovation.

As one of only 500 graduates of the Master’s of Science in Creativity & Change Leadership program I bring 26 + years of leadership experience and expertise in higher education administration. business and non-profits.

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