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Celebrate The Messengers, Don't Shoot Them


Margaret Fette, Workshop Participant

“The time length of this workshop (2 hours) is great for an intro into a very interesting subject. I really enjoyed it”

Laura Pinhey, Workshop Participant 

“Your class really fired me up, and I admire the work that you do. I think the psychological aspects of it are fascinating. Take care and thank you for everything”

 Rene’ Thompson, Workshop Participant

“Your Breakthrough Your Challenge, Creatively course not only inspired me to lay the stepping stones to reach my goals but helped me to ‘mix the concrete, choose the direction and begin heading down the pathway!’
The visualization process was very powerful and motivated me to dream big, logically and systematically address my perceived barriers and create solutions.
The brainstorming session with other classmates was also invaluable! I enjoyed receiving insightful ideas that I had never considered as options and giving ideas to help others become “unstuck” was surprisingly fun and easy.
I now realize it always takes someone to look at your situation from the outside to help stimulate growth on the inside!”

 Mark V. Saunders, Workshop Participant

“I think that you, Ladi Terry, are a great facilitator who helped me to bring out and recognize my goals and ambitions. And then through positive visualization, you helped me put my ideas into action. I can’t thank you enough for helping me find my path to a better and brighter future. I wish you the very best in all you do because I know that is what you wish for all the people you work with.”

 Ann Smith, Inside Out Life Coaching, Workshop Participant

“Ladi Terry’s workshops have opened up new vistas for my coaching practice. With her guidance and the input from other participants, I was able to gather many creative ideas for marketing my services. Ladi is smart, in tune with her clients’ needs, and forward looking. Thank you, Ladi, for your invaluable help.”

People’s University workshop participant 

“Ladi really knows her stuff and is very able at guiding without standing in the way
This class is Super”


Sandy Keller, My Sister’s Closet had this to say about the experience and outcome

“We were met with wonderful community participants who helped us come up with ideas to name our next event! If your group or business is looking for a fun, imaginative, and engaging way to work out a problem or find a solution, I would highly recommend working with Ladi Terry of Creative Indiana and Success Work. A very nice resource for networking and problem-solving solutions in the community.”

Dave Coleman, co-owner of the Venue with son Gabe, had this to say about the experience and outcome:

“Thank you for the write-up and review of the Creative Indiana event at The Venue.  The analysis and suggestions/recommendations which resulted are impressive indeed. I know they will be invaluable to The Venue in the immediate and the long term. The process and products were great. Thanks again.”


Jessy Servi, Rawson Contractors, Inc.

Ladi Terry consulted with me in planning my company’s’ first Strategic Planning Retreat.  Together, we talked through the flow of the day and Ladi gave me very specific exercises and activities to use that were appropriate for my group.  Specifically, I utilized the picture connection exercise to get the group to open up and share first thing, putting us all on the same page. Then, I used the idea jump start and idea cards to help get the group thinking out of the box for our brainstorming section.

Ladi, shared with me how to do reverse brainstorming for solution creation and how to differentiate  between convergent thinking and divergent thinking so that I could ask my participants to use the appropriate mode of thinking at the correct time. Since our day was to analyze, brainstorm and develop ideas, this proved very effective in meeting our goals for the day.

Not only did Ladi provide me with specific tools and resources to use in my retreat, she helped me clarify my goals for the day, which allowed me to get the outcomes I intended. Ladi’s assistance gave me the confidence boost I needed to facilitate with confidence and to trust in my group’s process. Ladi’s passion for creativity is evident and her years of experience were evident in how efficiently she helped me turn my retreat into a wonderful success!

Sophia Travis, Chairperson,   Karst Park Playscape Steering Committee  

Creating an ambience for thinking aloud and sharing ideas without feeling self-conscious is no easy feat!  Creativity workshop facilitation, with the guidance and encouragement to be found in Ladi Terry’s professional services, was a proactive and worthwhile process for the diverse people our committee sought for participation in a community-centered project.

I am impressed by Ms. Terry’s approach to customizing a plan for our groups to reach goals towards a final product.  She has a keen awareness of the tools for communication that a community-centered project may require.  To that end, Ms. Terry helped identify how a group of people could mix their ideas and have them flow into a variety of formats for open discussion.  Problem solving and practical concerns are addressed by creativity being valued as an important mental process.  Creativity is seen as important as technical know-how or analytical expertise.

For the Monroe County Parks & Recreation Karst Farm Playscape project, Options Inc., and Monroe County Community Foundation served as partners in seeking the services of Ladi Terry.   We now have a set of tools that serves as an important part of a vision process.  These tools, compiled in a report that is coupled with documentary film footage, can be used for communicating with local government leaders, potential donors and volunteers,  artists and artisans, builders, professional staff, recreational programmers, respite service providers, veterans groups, and policy makers.

Ladi Terry helped to cast a net to catch an array of wonderful, tangible ideas and dreams—in our case, all towards the betterment of an all inclusive community park that serves people from all walks of life, of any age, and all abilities!

Shari Woodbury, President & CEO, Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County

The Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County would like to thank Ladi Terry, from Success Work, for her pro bono assistance on our Middle Schoolers Initiative. Ladi was able to quickly understand a complex project and work effectively with our staff and volunteers. She identified group processes that could develop the ideas and overcome challenges to create a successful grant program. Her facilitation techniques were very valuable in moving our Middle Schoolers Initiative forward.?”

Linda Dausend, VP-Performance Development, EPIC Strategies

Ladi Terry has developed and implemented specific leadership courses for our clients within the Bloomington area, and has consistently proven to provide a point of view on effective leadership that is a step above anything else that we’ve seen in the market. Her approach to performance change is one of identifying gaps and then developing creative and customized methods to change performance  through a combination of workshops, activities, and coaching. In addition to her unique approach, Ladi has proven to be an excellent partner in ensuring a professional approach and timely results for our business partners.

We appreciate Ladi’s understanding, knowledge, and skills in change management, and we look forward to a continued effective partnership.”


Cem M. Basman, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful program you presented to my students in the visitor behavior course. Judging from the fact that you held the students interest and focus on the last week of classes shows me that you know what you are doing and that you are a terrific teacher.

Allowing students to grasp the importance of using their creative abilities is a very important message. Your presentation was a perfect mix of a practical and theoretical approach. The students understood the message and learned about the reasons behind the lesson. I have yet to receive the student’s evaluations and comments, but I can assure you that they will hold you in very favorable light.

Pamela Bliss, Community Arts Development Assistant, Bloomington Area Arts Council

Ms. Terry,

“I would like to thank you for your very informative Artists After Hours workshop last night. Getting them up and moving enhanced the presentation! We are very fortunuate to have such a rich resource of knowledgeable individuals such as you to share your experiences and ideas.

We look forward to working with you in the future and if you have any questions or comments please let me know. And much luck with your endeavors with your consulting business!”

Warm regards,


Barbara S. Renne, Assistant Manager, Student Employment & Career Services, Ferris State University

“Under Ladi’s leadership the office of Career Services at Ferris State University was recognized in the Kaplan/Newsweek College Catalog 2002 as a top school in the area of “schools that offer the best career services.”

This honor came as a result of telephone interviews conducted with high school guidance counselors. Her approach was creative, innovative and fun.

We had a great team!”


Hi Ladi,

Thank you very much for the e-mail. Just seeing it made me smile. It was a fantastic week that I will never forget! Thank you for your great leadership, support and encouragement.

It took me a while to stop processing in my head all the information from the week and I hope to have a chance soon to start reviewing all my notes and tools that we learned.

We all met wonderful people from all over the world and I really hope to attend again next year.You are so right in your words below and may all the great info learned lead us all to great places.

I will forward you some photos I took as soon as I get a chance.

It was a pleasure meeting you and spending the week with you!!

Thanks for the great experience that will last a lifetime.

Keep in touch and hope to see you soon,

Best regards,


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