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 Who We Are

South Central Indiana Innovation Network that connects community members to local, state, national and international events/initiatives promoting Innovation and Creativity

What We Do

Help innovation enthusiasts to “connect, learn and do” promoting creative thinking, dialogue and collaboration.

• Why It Matters

We are all creative, but most of us don’t tap our full creative potential to solve the challenges of our world or live the life we want

How We Do It

Bi-monthly newsletter, networking activities, presentations, community collaborations and events like “Ideas Network”

Community Partners

Absolute Marketing, Future Problem Solvers Program, Gayle and Bill Cook Entrepreneur Center, Lambert Consulting, My Sister’s Closet, The Venue , The Tailored Fit, Success Work! and Vistage Creative Indiana is headquartered in Bloomington, IN.

Advisory Board Members

Andrew Lambert, Lambert Consulting; Caroline Clay, Community Volunteer & Advocate, David Quick, Vistage; Margaret Clements, Knowledge Diffusion, Margaret Fette, The Tailored Fit; Rene Malone, Therapeutic Vine; and Ladi Terry, Creative Indiana Inc & Success Work!

Contact founder and director, Ladi Terry, joincreativeindiana @gmail.com or call 812-219-4493.

Also look for us at www.successworkonline.com  and www.Bloomingtonswitchboard.com 


Creativity may seem like a mysterious quality or skill only available to a special few. Famous artists and poets, perhaps. In fact, the skills and habits that make up creative thinking and problem-solving are not mysterious at all (though they never lose that shiver of magic!). Research on what makes creative people tick has come a long way over the past decades, and what it`s finding is amazing. For a start, creativity is just as important for a successful, flexible athlete, engineer, architect, molecular biologist, parent or baker as it is for artists. Creativity isn’t just a feeling; it’s productive and generates things and ideas that are both novel and useful. Even more intriguing: it turns out that creative thinking skills are simple and can be learned. As with any other exercise, working your creative `muscles` makes them stronger.

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