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There are national and international movements to bring imagination, creative thinking, problem solving and innovation to bear on complex societal issues and opportunities. Creative Indiana seeks to be a leader in these efforts. Creative Indiana’s  mission is to “Unleash the Power of Creativity in Community, Education and Business through Programming, Training and Dialogue.” Since its founding in 2011, the organization has hosted events, workshops, and non-credit courses about the power of creativity. Creative Indiana works in collaboration with similar organizations elsewhere including the National Creativity Network, Creative Oklahoma, Creative New Jersey, and Creative Alberta.

IDEAS Network

Creative thinking and problem solving are essential and critical resources to solve global and community issues. In 2013, Creative Indiana  launched IDEAS Network to build understanding, appreciation and expertise for using creativity. These networks are dedicated to creating a ‘space’ for identifying common opportunities and solving challenges. IDEAS Networks will help participants Initiate, Develop, Evaluate, Activate or Sustain ideas.

The purpose of IDEAS Networks is to facilitate conversations between creativity seekers or enthusiasts. Guests include advocates for creativity and innovation along with anyone tired of the same old ineffective answers in business, education, community or personal challenges.

IDEAS Network will have two components: gaining competency in creative process and using ingenuity to provide new insights and ideas to individuals or organizations in need.  Both participants and sponsors benefit from the Networks which are held at various locations on a monthly basis. Different concepts and creative thinking tools will be introduced to lead participants to unique, useful and immediate results, all the while networking and having fun.

Keep an eye on our website for more information about the upcoming IDEAS Networks! If you want to schedule an Ideas Network for your non-profit or charitable organization contact me at  812-219-4493 

For more information or to become involved as a member or sponsor of Creative Indiana, please contact Ladi Terry at .  

Creative Indiana, founded by author and businesswoman Ladi Terry in 2011, partners with  Absolute MarketingGayle and Bill Cook Entrepreneur Center at Ivy Tech, My Sister’s Closet, The Venue  the Future Problem Solvers Program and Success Work!   Creative Indiana is headquartered in Bloomington,  IN.



Creativity may seem like a mysterious quality or skill only available to a special few. Famous artists and poets, perhaps. In fact, the skills and habits that make up creative thinking and problem-solving are not mysterious at all (though they never lose that shiver of magic!). Research on what makes creative people tick has come a long way over the past decades, and what it`s finding is amazing. For a start, creativity is just as important for a successful, flexible athlete, engineer, architect, molecular biologist, parent or baker as it is for artists. Creativity isn’t just a feeling; it’s productive and generates things and ideas that are both novel and useful. Even more intriguing: it turns out that creative thinking skills are simple and can be learned. As with any other exercise, working your creative `muscles` makes them stronger.

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