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 Vision Statement

 CREATIVE INDIANA INC is a proud community partner helping individuals and organizations find ways to “connect, learn and do” by promoting creative thinking, dialogue & collaboration

What We Do                                                                                                                                         We help you incubate your next great idea!

Creative Indiana Inc is a safe haven for creative ideas and spirits.  It connects south central Indiana community members to local, state, national and international events/initiatives promoting innovation and creativity.

Why It Matters

 We are all creative, but most of us don’t tap our full creative potential to solve the challenges of our world or live the life we want

 How We Do It

Networking events, creative action initiatives, community collaborations, quarterly newsletters

Who We Are

Creative Indiana, founded by author and businesswoman Ladi Terry in 2011, is seeking additional board members to join our Advisory Board.  Find Advisory Board Member description for more details
Contact:  joincreativeindiana @gmail.com or call 812-219-4493.  www.creativeindiana.org.

Creative Indiana is headquartered in Bloomington, IN

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