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Success Work & Code & Key Escape Rooms: Connecting, Engaging, Problem Solving & Collaboration

Finding clues … Solving problems…What can they tell us about our thinking skills?
Creative Problem Solving (CPS) is the code and the key you need to solve the challenges of today to arrive at success tomorrow! Understanding our strengths and limitations gives us the keys to our own future success.


Only by challenging our current thoughts or the status quo can we find new answers for the evolving challenges we face. Welcoming the failures as windows to success is vital to reaching our desired outcome. So try on a new pair of lenses when you next run into thinking that provokes you. With the recent …..

Ladi Terry 2017 Keynote Speaker at Genesee Community College Creativity Conference

Ladi Terry was the Keynote speaker at “The Future of Creativity Conference” held at Genesee Community College in Upstate N.Y. on April 18, 2017.  She is the founder and President of Success Work! & Founder /Executive Director of Creative Indiana.   Ladi set the foundation for creative thinking and its application in building/developing communities of the future. She …..