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Success Work & Code & Key Escape Rooms: Connecting, Engaging, Problem Solving & Collaboration

Finding clues … Solving problems…What can they tell us about our thinking skills?
Creative Problem Solving (CPS) is the code and the key you need to solve the challenges of today to arrive at success tomorrow! Understanding our strengths and limitations gives us the keys to our own future success.


Understanding and identifying our creative thinking preferences is vital to success. Once we uncover our thinking preferences, we have a clearer guide to the types of thinking we are best at and where we can shine.  But the kinds of thinking we don’t use, is often even more vital in helping us to reduce conflict, build …..

Stifled Creativity in the Workplace Has Its Price

I just read a blog entry from Jeb Banner titled “The Workplace is a Modern Prison System“, which rings true in my own personal experiences and also with 30 individuals I feature in my book Celebrate the Messengers…Don’t Shoot Them ©. Often it is not a matter of walking away and saying good riddance.  The …..

Avoid Layoffs: Engage Your Workforce In The Solution

As I read about layoffs at a local company, I could not help but wonder.  The company blamed government for doubling unemployment tax rates without engaging with businesses and corporations?  What is wrong with that situation?  You don’t change systems without involving the very individuals or in this case, businesses it will impact.  In the same …..