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Ladi Terry 2017 Keynote Speaker at Genesee Community College Creativity Conference

Ladi Terry was the Keynote speaker at “The Future of Creativity Conference” held at Genesee Community College in Upstate N.Y. on April 18, 2017.  She is the founder and President of Success Work! & Founder /Executive Director of Creative Indiana.   Ladi set the foundation for creative thinking and its application in building/developing communities of the future. She …..


Understanding and identifying our creative thinking preferences is vital to success. Once we uncover our thinking preferences, we have a clearer guide to the types of thinking we are best at and where we can shine.  But the kinds of thinking we don’t use, is often even more vital in helping us to reduce conflict, build …..

Avoid Layoffs: Engage Your Workforce In The Solution

As I read about layoffs at a local company, I could not help but wonder.  The company blamed government for doubling unemployment tax rates without engaging with businesses and corporations?  What is wrong with that situation?  You don’t change systems without involving the very individuals or in this case, businesses it will impact.  In the same …..

Building Commitment Leads to Profitability & Success

Gain the competencies needed for for employee engagement which leads to greater profits, better results, increased  productivity, improved morale and reduced turnover.   Assess your organization’s level of engagement and use the “Power of Engagement” model© featured in the recently released book, “Celebrate the Messengers…Don’t Shoot Them”©  to increase engagement of employees within your own organization.   …..