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Celebrate The Messengers, Don't Shoot Them

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Move into the innovation age, unleash your creative power in the workplace.  Learn to invite, support and unfurl that raw power to ignite creativity and lead change.

This interactive workshop introduces the Power of Engagement (POEM) model which includes five key concepts and components that lead participants to fully understand how to create and sustain a high engagement system.

Attendees will also complete and be certified in the PECOH profile (Pre-existing Conditions for Organizational Health) that allows them to assess the level of engagement that exists within their own and within client organizations.

Stories from my book, “Celebrate the Messengers, Don’t Shoot Them” will act as a springboard to examining the dynamics between leaders and non-leaders.  Participants will apply the POEM model in an unraveling of their own story

Participants will be exposed to the business, financial, ethical, and national imperatives to unleash creativity in the workplace because diverse thinking makes dollars and $ense.


This workshop invites you to confront the issues that get in the way of the full expression of your voice, whether written or spoken.  All of us have experiences that have stifled our creativity and it is how we respond to these negative moments in our lives that defines us as messengers to the world.

My choice was to write the book, “Celebrate the Messengers, Don’t Shoot Them.”  What choice are you prepared to make to give voice to the challenges in your own life?  Each of us has a gift and a purpose that will guide us in the right direction if we simply listen.

In this workshop participants will discover their own voice through deep dialogue and interactive, fun exercises.  Using high engagement as a catalyst, you will examine and respond to messenger stories in my book, find and claim your own story and collectively write the words others need to hear.

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Let breakthrough thinking show you how to overcome health /aging issues

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