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 Celebrate The Messengers, Don't Shoot Them



52% gap in operating income between high and low engagement organizations

 HIGH                                                     LOW 

     13% growth in income                                                                       3.8% decline in income
    27.8% growth in earnings per share                                           11.2% decline in growth
    Decrease in turnover                                                                        Increased turnover
    Increase in workforce satisfaction                                              Greater dissatisfaction
Source:  Study of 664,000 employees worldwide, McFadden & Robinson, Roth & Brown, 1993, FromWorkplace to Playspace, Pamela Myer, 2010


“The organizations and the individual stories of transformation described in this book all have one thing in common:  a shift in mind-set from workplace, in which the product is more important than the process, to playspace, where the lively creative process of innovating, learning, and changing invites passionate commitment and enthusiastic participation.”

”Playspace allows us to think creatively, question old assumptions, respond effectively to the unexpected, and engage all participants’ talents in collaboration.”

From Workplace to Playspace, Pamela Myer, 2010

“Engagement is the genuine involvement of people in the fortunes of an organization and the genuine involvement of an organization in the fortunes of its people.”

The Art of Innovation, Dimis Michaelides, 2007


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