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The “Teacher Tune-Up” is a great opportunity for educators to re-connect with their creative strengths and discover techniques for managing a successful classroom experience. Themed around a ‘repair day at the auto shop’ this retreat is divided into five focus areas which will cover everything from identifying causes of classroom breakdowns to discovering the many types of thinking preferences and how they impact the classroom environment.

The Teacher Tune-Up Retreat will be led by Ladi Terry, founder of Success Work! author and Creative Action Coach.  Special guest” Jeff Olma — “The IdeaDoctor! , professor of Creativity and English at Florida Community College at Jacksonville fl will be collaborating on this venture. Both started out their careers as elementary school teachers. This retreat is applicable for all teachers regardless of grade level.

The registration fee includes all materials, assessments, and lunch. For complete session details and to register, please contact Ladi Terry (812) 219-4493 or ladi@successworkonline.com.  For more information on these presenters, please visit http://www.successworkonline.com/media

Retreat Description:

Join the race to creativity with a one-day, full-throttle workshop to re-energize you after a well-run race for classroom success this year. Practice optimal tune-up tips for high performance while using the E. Paul Torrance Incubation Model of Teaching™.  Explore causes of classroom breakdowns, and how to repair them by taking the FOURSIGHT Thinking Skills Profile ™. Refuel your creative engines using creativity tools and the Creative Problem Solving Process™.  Get a classroom diagnostic on a challenging lesson plan and walk away with a new model.  Begin Mindful Driving using the learning vehicle principles (developed by Dr. Ellen Langer, Harvard University) to nurture engagement and intuitive learning.



LADI TERRY (812) 219-4493, Ladi@successworkonline.com



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