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Seeking a new life or Career?  Feel stuck in a place you don’t want to be?  This introductory class will give you the insight and tools to get you started down a new road to success! Get trained in breakthrough thinking  and the tools to gain new perspectives to clarify the situation, create a new vision and strategy for success, come up with unique and practical ideas, evaluate and select the best ideas and put them into play.

These prescriptive tools, designed to give you the kind of thinking you need at every stage of your challenge, become more than a  process, they become a way of life. Bring an issue you want to delve into and walk away with new options to explore and a better understanding of the difference intentional  creative thinking makes in your success.

Learn about my own professional challenges that led me to a new job, a new field, the job of my dreams, and helped me overcome the loss of that job, publish my first book and thrive after heart surgery. This is the process I use everyday  and continues to guide me through the many obstacles in life.



Understanding and identifying your creative thinking preferences and highlighting your problem solving strengths is vital to success.

Once we uncover the kinds of thinking we don’t use, it allows us to reduce conflict, build engagement and break the barriers to collaboration.  Use Foursight, to engage in  exercises that demonstrate the role you best play when it comes to finding and implementing solutions and opportunities. Try out tools that help you build your needed breakthrough thinking skills in a collaborative group environment.

As a new business entrepreneur, I missed a lot of opportunities for success because I forgot to pay attention to the type of problem solving thinking I avoided. “It just takes too much time and exhausts me” I said to myself. The truth is we are not all drawn to the same type of problem solving.

The good news is we can build the skills we need, learn how to connect with the “thinkers we need” to help us and use breakthrough thinking tools that get us to the new perspectives we just can’t get to on our own.  I know I couldn’t until I was introduced to Foursight, an internationally recognized and proven creative thinking profile tool.



Use Creative Thinking to apply diverse perspectives, promote group problem solving success, increase unique idea generation and improve evaluation skills to better address a group challenge.

Learn how to build a highly engaged culture in which individuals and teams solve problems collaboratively and find opportunities to generate increased revenue, reduce turnover and expenditures and increase morale and motivation.

Examine the creative leadership competencies I discovered mattered most during my years as a leader in non-profits, education and business.  Use my Power of Engagement model as a map for the best routes to take to arrive at an engaged workplace.

Measure the rate of engagement and the role it plays in the success of your own organization. Benefit from my twenty-six years of experience practicing and teaching the Creative Problem Solving Process as we practice using all of these concepts and tools!



Avoid an epidemic by getting the best creativity shot in the arm on the market.   This preventive step will provide participants with antibodies that can protect them from the most deadly of viruses known to innovation…STAGNATION!

That’s what happens when workers just do their jobs rather than being included as an equally important member of the team.  I saw this firsthand from the vantage point of a heart valve replacement patient at three different hospitals and four hospital stays in four months.  The synergistic engagement of staff made the difference between “guest-centered” relational care versus “routine, impersonal and demeaning” care.   

This workshop will chronicle the differences in levels of organizational engagement that directly impact the customer service received and the beneficial or less than desired outcomes experienced  

There are four basic antibodies that individuals need to stay creatively healthy and these can be administered in one single, painless dose. Take advantage of this highly researched and reliable treatment that is sure to build tolerance for CHANGE!

This session will identify each participants approach to problem solving using FOURSIGHT Thinking Profile.

Increase engagement to improve morale, reduce turnover, improve performance and get better results!

This workshop will feature a video which depicts the journey of three ‘messengers’ from my book, “Celebrate the Messengers, Don’t Shoot Them”  This video will introduce professionals to the Power of Engagement Model..








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